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Faith (Nicolas BrownxReader)
Trade with vengefulamber

   Moonlight pours through the translucent fabric that covers the windows. You tread your way to his sickbay and your hand grips the veil that covers the area he rests in, pushing it aside and meeting the concerned eyes of Alex Benedetto.

   You thank her for taking care of him before she leaves your presence, knowing full well that you need privacy. There's a tremor in your heartbeat and your teeth bite your lower lip, and your hand reaches to touch his. Your fingers slide across his hand and take them in your own. They're warm and yours, ironically, are as cold as a frigid winter.

   Your vision blurs, your tears slide down your cheeks, and you rest your head on the bed, trying to quiet your sobs. He had always been the sort to get into trouble, his fights escalating too quickly, but he has always come back home. Today, he might not. Your faith in him wavers and your path disappears.

   Then he breathes through the ragged bandages and shallow heartbeats.

   You lift your head to see him, eyes shut but lips moving softly. His grip on your hand tightens, his voice soft and barely inaudible. He rarely speaks, his words widen your gaze.

   Your name spills from his tongue.

   Your tears do not stop, your breath hitches, and your heart does not stop its quickened pulse, yet somehow, you know he will return.
Faith (Nicolas BrownxReader)
trade with vengefulamber
Overdue reply tbh. 

Hope this short fic is enough xD

Gangsta. (c) Kohske

     You sigh as you rummage through the Oakwood shelves, pulling out bottles out one after another to check if you have the required ingredient to make your potion. You mentally speak the contents in your mind: nightshade; dogwood; starlight; frog legs; fir cones; horse hair; gooseberry; bat wings; moondust; bird eyes.

   A low snarl escapes your throat as you realise that the crucial ingredient to make your much needed concoction is missing. It was either that or you've used it up, which are both outcomes you greatly dislike. You retreat to the desk, the faint light from the candle illuminating the words on the books dusty pages and you cross your hands over your chest.

   "This is troublesome," you mumble, your eyes scrutinising at the inky picture of a wolf, the moon light dusting its fur. You know of only one such creature in this forest and he isn't one to socialise. In fact, he has tried to swallow you whole twice.

   In the distance, a howl echoes and you turn your head to the window behind you, its wooden frame highlighted in silvery streaks. Without skipping a beat, you rush to the cabinet and grab two glass containers, the contents spiralling and thrashing in its confines as you place them into the basket that sits next to the open book, along with a small knife. Just in case, you also decide to bring a poultice for any wounds and a handful of wolfsbane.

   With the basket dangling upon your wrist, you tie the hooded cloak around your neck and pull the cowl up to cover your face before pushing the door open, letting the cold night of caress your face, as if greeting you. The tall pine trees shroud the misty sky that you can barely see.

   You walk, then, listening to the low growls that resound throughout as birds flap in distress, eyes wide in fright. You peer at the bottles in the basket before lifting it up, shaking the green liquid as you chant a few words. A brief flicker sparks as it turns on for a minute, then dies before bursting into a vivid yellow, casting a warm glow that shines the path ahead.

   You trudge forward, this time a bit faster, as blood curdled whimpers grow louder with every step, the scent of metal hanging in the air like miasma. As the animal's cries die out, you come across the clearing, the wolf in the middle hunched over as it feasts on the deer fervently for a few moments before it stops to sniff the air.

   The figure turns back and pulls his lips back, revealing the serrated teeth that are usually hidden. Ears prick up in alert as it slowly walks to you, growling all the while, blending under the cover of darkness. The only indication that he's there are his golden eyes, whose tenacious sharp glint maliciously twinkles.

   "Vanitas," you speak and the wolf growls once, responding to his name. The light in your hand highlights his coarse raven fur, his teeth pressing against your skin once or twice as he circles you in warning, "I need something."

   His voice rumbles. In this dreaded form, he can't exactly speak and although he is usually cooperative, the curse and the moon make him unpredictable, which is why you aren't sure if he's shooting you down or agreeing to your terms. After a few seconds of silence, you continue.

   "My potion requires werewolf blood as an ingredient," you vocalise, to which he snarls. He has stopped circling you, and as you turn back, you watch him bare his crimson stained canines at you. You grimace at that before letting your hand graze the bottle in your basket, grabbing it and muttering an incantation that causes the murky gas to burst into a raging flame.

   He yelps as you throw it to the ground, igniting the grass around him and trapping him into place. Through the rage of the blaze, you can see him back up while you place the glowing bottle back into the basket before placing a hand onto your pendant. Your lips move and mutter a spell and in an instant, a protective barrier swirls around you in a hexagonal sphere, letting you walk through the flames with ease.

   You have but a few minutes to keep the barrier up and if he moves, damn kindness to hell, you'd skewer him there and then. Vanitas crouches, but before he pounces, you shoot him a glare and draw the knife from your basket.

   "Move an inch and I will kill you," you threaten, narrowing your eyes as he  growls. When you finally reach him, you take out an empty vial while your other hand holds the knife, slitting a cut that runs just under his  right eye. He yowls, snarling as he gnashes his teeth together.

   The blood falls into the glass vial in beads and you let the liquid fill half of the glass before you jerk your hand away.  You grin and bow your head at the injured animal in mock thanks, to which he hangs his head down. Sunlight emerges beyond the trees' thick foliage and just as it hits you, you step sideways so that it's the werewolf that bathes in its light instead.

   You watch him transform in the rays, his fur receding backwards as his claws and teeth, and snout shrink. His paws turn into a pair of feet and a pair of arms, and no sooner than later, he stands before you, garbed in tattered pants. The only indication that this is the beast you had hurt are his molten gold irises and the fresh wound that runs under his right eye.

   He wastes no time in trudging towards you, scowling as he does. Before he can grab you and turn you into his supper, you hand him a cluster of wolfsbane and the poultice. He immediately brightens when he sees you produce the plant and swipes it from your hand, but is reluctant to take the poultice.

   "They're comfrey leaves and they're for your wound," you reply , to which you proceed dip your fingers and slather it across his cut. He grimaces, but doesn't resist. After you're done with that, you brush it on your cloak and thank him for his 'cooperation', turning your back to him.

   "I want food," he suddenly pipes and before you can protest, he walks briskly past you and leads. You raise a brow, but suppose that that's the least you can do to thank him for his donation.
Witchcraft (Werewolf!Vanitas/Witch!Reader)
An overdue reply to :iconnekoakatsuki13: 's request

I had fun writing this

Kingdom Hearts (c) Square Enix
Writing (c) me
Pawn (Vanitas/Reader)      

      Slamming against the wall, the door suddenly forces open and you jump, turning your head back to face a masked boy, who scoffs in distaste before he walks brusquely without invitation. Your hands clench the broom handle tighter as you march towards him, frowning as you do.

He immediately takes notice of you, you're sure, because he waltzes straight to you and scoffs condescendingly. He mutters softly, tilting his head and clicking his tongue. Without warning, he grabs your chin and forces you to look at him, causing you to yelp.

"Oh, so you're their little friend, eh?" he chortles and you frown, raising your broom to hit him square against his mask. He, however, stops you. You grimace when he squeezes your wrist tighter.

Silence ensues, your eyes darting to the books instead as he peers at you intensely. You can feel his gaze scrutinising you before he finally lets go, heading towards the entrance instead. You're sure you can hear him whisper "she might be useful" in the wind.
Pawn (Vanitas/Reader)
Was kinda in a writer's block. Short.

Requested by: :iconVaniwieldsaX-blade:

Kingdom Hearts (c) Square Enix
Crumble (Neko!Vanitas x Reader)

Ringing out to you in alarm is the doorbell, which screams at least thrice before it stops and shrieks again. You curse under your breath and hiss at your awaited visitor when you wrench the door open. He's leaning against the frame, his eyes a shade of melting gold under his long lashes when he smirks and narrows his brows. He leans in to peck your cheek, which you avoid, naturally, giving the peeved teen access into your house instead.

He's as bold as ever, you see, and it's really starting to irritate you. Despite the recent acceptance of mutants into society, you still can't actually believe that you're in a relationship with one of them, let alone an insanely psychotic douche. You turn around to face
him, who has apparently flumped onto your sofa, sprawled and ready for what he calls 'fun'.

"It's late, what are you doing here?" you question, folding your hands over your chest while he shrugs, the triangular ears atop his head twitching. You mumble yet another curse before gently telling him to get his legs off your couch before you butcher them off. He complies, naturally. "You should stop giving me visits above ten."

"Why? Afraid?" he asks smoothly, his voice a rich velvety octave with the sharpness of cut glass. You scowl at him.

"People talk," you answer curtly and they do at quite a great amount. To make matters worse, his gaudy and rugged wardrobe doesn't exactly make things all the more easier for you. Grinning broadly, his serrated teeth glimmer and his irises glint dangerously, his finger sliding under your chin as he tilts his head to the side and coos.

"Let them, their suspicions aren't too inaccurate," he purrs seductively, a common way of speech for the hormonal mutant. You narrow your eyes and cut him off by looking away, standing up immediately to glare at him.

"I'll sterilise you, I swear, Vanitas," you glower and he shoots you a dangerously offended stare. You know he doesn't like it when you use those terms to reprimand, or describe, him, but he has to understand that your house doesn't provide shelter for abandoned cats. Besides, the guards come to check your house for quick roundabouts at times and if they catch him without you, he's practically dead. Rebellious groups don't bode well with mutants.

"Cut the crap!" he nearly yells the words, harsh and venomous, bearing hostility with it. You wince. He really knows what tone to use when he's trying to reprimand people. "I haven't seen you even once in a month, and you're telling to leave you alone even after all that? Screw that!"

You scowl, furrowing your brows and biting your lower lip because you really did miss him during those times. Your mind is screaming at you, telling you to leave him because society would deem it unfit, your parents would shame you, and Jesus Christ, he'd be murdered in cold blood.

Leave, leave, leave. He can do better. You can do better. It's for the best, it's for the best.

Sucking in your last bits of pride, your last bits of anger, you raise your hand and slap him as hard as you can. The sound echoes and his protests quiet, his cheek a striking shade of red and your own eyes glassy. He needs to go.

His warm irises are cold and vengeful, but you can see the underlining hints of melancholy. Your hands clench into fists before they unwound and you repeat the process thrice before he finally moves to you. His shadow looms now, like a ghastly predator, and just as you think he's about to thrash you, he stops midway.

"Are you disgusted by me?" he asks and it's no longer a playful inquiry, his voice bitter with malice and a sliver of hope. You will crush him, you have to. Even now, you can hear their footsteps rushing towards your house.

"Yes, I am," you strain yourself to answer and faintly, you can almost hear him vocalise a 'bullshit!' at that, but he stays silent despite the obvious crumble in your facade. He doesn't look back and the door is wrenched open, the slam causing you to jolt. Sighing, you slide down the walls and place your forehead upon your drawn knees.

A gunshot rings in the distant and you realise that your group has taken him out. You grumble and hobble to your kitchen drawers, pulling them open to reveal a folder with bold letters.

Well, that's one more vermin gone.
Crumble (Neko!Vanitas x Reader)
I think I finished this quite on time.
If it still actually isn't made clear, yeah, 'you' hate him and yeah, 'you' keeled him. That was intentional.

Thank you for requesting me: :iconvaniwieldsax-blade:

Kingdom Hearts (c) Square Enix
You (c) You
Status update just to note that I'm still alive despite my vegetative state here

Looking back at all my previous works, I want to cry into a hole and die. Geez, was my writing this bad. 
I need to do remakes.


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Status update just to note that I'm still alive despite my vegetative state here

Looking back at all my previous works, I want to cry into a hole and die. Geez, was my writing this bad. 
I need to do remakes.


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